Bobby Flournoy and Lisa Bonet are pleased to announce their joint venture of B & L Brands. With a combined 18 years of distributor experience and more than 15 years of restaurant experience, we will use our creativity, enthusiasm, and market knowledge to develop a portfolio of high quality products.

In the current marketplace, merely producing great products is not enough to sell them. B&L Brands will use their market knowledge to develop long-standing relationships between your brands and important accounts. We will selectively choose consumer opportunities that have a proven track record for sales, as well as identify and create new ones. We have a firm understanding of distributor pricing and programming, as well as the ability to maneuver quickly in this challenging sales environment. We will be the right marketing company for anyone looking to increase sales in 2010.

B&L Brands will be based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Bobby Flournoy

Lisa Bonet